Apple Watch Ini Dijual Seharga Rumah

Of the three series devices released smart watches, Watch Edition is a product of the most luxurious design. The products are priced at a price range of $ 10,000 to 17,000 US dollars is real gold plated.Well, for those of you who feel the product is still less well, Brikk, a company that likes to modify the device with a touch of luxury, have a solution.

 The company opened Apple Watch booking service that is equipped with a diamond stone.There are two versions of a modified smart watches offered by Brikk. The first version is called Lux ​​and Lux ​​Watch Watch Omni Deluxe.

Both come with a 18 carat gold plating on the body Apple Watch. Choice of any color there are three, namely yellow gold, pink, and platinum.

That the difference is a diamond that is in the body of Apple Watch this super deluxe edition. Watch Lux Deluxe is equipped with a diamond between 2 to 2.3 carats. Meanwhile, the other version comes with a diamond between 11:30 and 12:30 PM rust.

Apple Watch this modified version has the exact same specifications with the regular version.What about the price of these devices? Very high indeed. The most inexpensive edition only comparable to a home prices in Indonesia. As an illustration, Lux Watch Deluxe is sold at a price of 48 995 dollars to 49 995 US dollars, or approximately USD 646 million to USD 659 million.Watch Omni Lux version has a much more expensive price.  

The price range in the number of very fantastic that 109 995 dollars to 114 995 US dollars, or approximately USD 1.4 billion to $ 1.5 billion. With these figures, a modified version of this makes Apple Watch Brikk be smart watches most expensive in the world.Interested? If so, users still have to add money of 10,000 dollars more to the cost of the deposit. As quoted KompasTekno of Mashable, Thursday (03/19/2015), the user can not directly get the device ordered.

According Brikk, consumers must wait 4 to 6 weeks after Apple Watch regular version is present in the market, before finally getting a luxury version of the goods ordered from Brikk.

6 Most Important Feature in Galaxy S6

As a new model that sits at the top of the hierarchy of the smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is equipped with a wide variety of excellent features. Justin Denison, VP Product Strategy and Marketing Team of Samsung America, describes six of these features in the Galaxy unpacked event 2015 in Barcelona, ​​Spain (01/03/2015).

1. Processor qualified

"The first is the processor the next level," said Denison refers to the Exynos 7420 chip that is embedded in the Galaxy S6. With a 14 nm fabrication technology, the processor claimed 20 percent more power efficient than the Exynos chip on the Galaxy Note 4 which is made with 20nm technology.

2. The screen is brilliant

The second mainstay features, further Denison, is excellent screen quality. "Super AMOLED panel both Galaxy S6 has a pixel density of 577 ppi, 78 percent more than the screen on the Galaxy S," he said.

3. Battery "fast"

Power efficiency in both the Galaxy is also supported by a qualified battery. Denison said, the new phones faster than most other products in the affairs of the battery charge. "Just fill out the battery 10 minutes to get 4 hours of usage time," he said.

4. Camera berbukaan width

Sony Introduces 4G Android Phone Deals Xperia E4g

Although rumored to be sold, Sony's smartphone division was still quite diligent release device. Not long ago too, the Japanese company has just introduced its newest product, the Xperia E4g.
In general, the Xperia E4g design and specifications are not much different from the Xperia E4. In fact, both of these devices like twins. Xperia E4 itself has just introduced in early February 2015.
So, what distinguishes them? Xperia E4g armed with support for 4G network technology, a technology that is not owned by Xperia E4.
In addition, the Xperia E4g will be equipped with a more powerful processor, the quad-core processor 1.4 GHz, an increase of quad-core processor 1.3 GHz at his brother.
The screen is slightly smaller, 4.7-inch QHD resolution support 960 x 540 pixels. Xperia E4 itself has a 5-inch screen with the same resolution support.
As KompasTekno gathered from The Next Web, Wednesday (25/02/2015), the other specifications of the Xperia E4g exactly the Xperia 4. There is 1 GB RAM, 8 GB of internal storage, 5 megapixel rear camera, and a front camera that carries the sensor resolution 2 megapixel. This device runs on the Android operating system 4.4.4 KitKat.
With a 2300 mAh battery that it has, Xperia E4g claimed to last two days of active use.
Battery life can be improved thanks to the Xperia E4 special software designed to run mode and Ultra Stamina Stamina in daily operation.
Xperia E4g is scheduled to be released in 50 countries as well as in April at a price of 145 US dollars, or approximately USD 1.9 million. Not yet known whether Indonesia entered into the list of the country or not.

First Impressions tested Xiaomi Mi Note

Xiaomi released his first phablet named Mi Note on Thursday (01/15/2015) at the China International Convention Center, China. In the launch event, Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun's openly said that Mi Note is 6 Apple iPhone competitor. What were Mi Note this?

After the launch, Xiaomi provide a limited time to the journalists who were present to hold the first phablet.

Reporters KompasTekno, Reska K. Nistanto also had the opportunity to touch and feel the latest phablet Xiaomi it. Here are his impressions.

Design and grip

Note Mi first look revealed by Lei Jun's currently in the stage, the first thing that comes to mind is the impression that the smooth and pleasing to the eye. This is reflected in a wide screen size, 5.7 inches and frame design with a rounded elbow.

Reska K. Nistanto / KOMPAS.com
Latest flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note.
Both sides of the right and left frame look slimmer, while the top and bottom of the frame look more spacious. Xiaomi unibodi design adheres to Mi Note, which means the battery can not be replaced and the rear cover can not be removed.

Although body Mi Note is made of metal, but Xiaomi provide a frame made of glass / glass at the back and sides phablet. In fact, on both sides of the door behind him, Xiaomi makes slightly curved edges.
Curved design named countured 3D curve on the right and left edges of the rear cover Mi Note that makes users feel comfortable in grasping. However, the texture of the glass material used was slick on the surface of the hand, so it feels less solid grip.

As always, the volume up / down along with the power button located on the right side of the smartphone, while the left side to accommodate a SIM card slot. For this SIM card slot, Xiaomi provide breakthrough by providing two of the micro and nano card slot in a cross-section at a time.

Reska K. Nistanto / KOMPAS.com
Latest flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note.
Two SIM cards provided supports Dual LTE (TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE), and dual standby.

For external storage card slot, not provided by Mi Note. Xiaomi itself provides two versions of Mi Note with an internal storage of 16 and 64 GB.

The back of Mi Note perched lens with a resolution of 13 megapixel camera complete with optical image stabilization system. Xiaomi provide dual LED light features a duo tone to produce a more natural lighting when photographing the face.

Reska K. Nistanto / KOMPAS.com
Latest flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note.
While the front camera perched on the top of the left frame, complete with a proximity sensor and a speaker phone.

At the top there is a 3.5mm audio jack and the bottom to accommodate the micro USB port and speaker grilles.
Reska K. Nistanto / KOMPAS.com
Latest flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note.
Reska K. Nistanto / KOMPAS.com
Latest flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note.
For the audio business, Xiaomi includes digital-to-analog converter (DAC) ESS ES9018K2M, dual op-amp ADA 4896 ADI, OPA1612 dual op-amp Texas Instruments, as well as two independent oscillator respectively 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz.

Thus, Mi Note can play audio at resolutions as high as 24-bit audio / 192 kHz. Obviously the software can be enjoyed with a quality earphones is also, like Mi Headphones are launched simultaneously with Mi Note.


Because carrying a 5.7-inch screen sizes, with a total width of 77.6 mm dimension, then operate Mi Note inevitably have to use two hands. One hand is still allows for sliding the screen, but it will be difficult if the user wants to access a menu or an application that is located slightly above the thumb.

Note Mi screen using an LCD-based material with a resolution of Full HD 1080p (1080 x 1920) and a pixel density of 386 ppi. According to the observations KompasTekno, the screen looks bright and sharp even at extreme angles.

Screen Mi Note also reinforced with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 technology that ensures the screen is resistant to scratches.

For the interface, Xiaomi install MIUI interface on top of Android 5.0 operating system Lollipop. Performance is powered by a quad-core Snapdragon processor 2.5 GHz Qualcomm 801, Adreno 330 GPU, and RAM 3GB.

Glance operate Mi Note, the interface response was fast in the opening pages. Transitions between screens running smooth and seamless. So also when accessing the default application in it.

However, we need to remind that the unit is version KompasTekno try a fresh install, meaning that only the applications that came factory alone, yet many other additional applications are usually mounted users.

Unfortunately, the camera features in Mi Note could not be tested due to very limited time constraints given by Xiaomi. But looking at the specifications, camera Mi Note seems promising superior performance.

Xiaomi using camera sensor developed by Sony, with a resolution of 13 megapixels with wide aperture f2.0 lens. In addition, there is also an optical stabilization system in anticipation of the camera lens blur due to hand shake while holding the smartphone.

Front camera pack 4 megapixel resolution with pixel size is two microns wide.

Price and availability

Note Xiaomi will go on sale at the online store Xiaomi in the second quarter of 2015, including in Indonesia. Offered price tag is $ 4.7 million for the 16 GB version and 5.7 million for the 64 GB storage version.

Phablet Mi Note is available in two kinds of colors, black and white.